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Sophos discoverd a new scam on facebook :

A scam has spread far and wide across Facebook this weekend, posted on many users' Facebook pages claiming that they have discovered that their zodiac sign has changed.

If you make the mistake of clicking on the link shared from your friend's Facebook account, then you are taken to an interim page showing the signs of the zodiac floating in outer space. The page is designed to intrigue you into clicking further to discover your "new zodiac sign".

Clicking on the image takes you to an all-too-familiar scene. A rogue third-party Facebook applicaiton, which is demanding that you give it access to your Facebook profile. If you do give it permission then the application will be able to grab some of your personal data, as well as post messages to your wall in order to share them virally with your Facebook friends.

As soon as you press "Allow" don't be surprised that silently, in the background, the app has already posted a message to your wall.Meanwhile, you will be asked to complete an online survey, which can make money for the scammers.

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