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I am UK based and it works for me.

Perhaps it will work for others if you use a VPN to make it look like you are within the UK ?
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did you get as far as registering an account? that's where it has the restriction popup
yes i did
i input email address on that site, it sends me email with promotion info in it which you need to click a link in, then complete sign up by inputting name, password, etc. After that it takes you to their control panel website where you can see Used 0 bytes / 100GB to confirm it worked.
I didn't try to upload anything yet


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Its cold storage that means its good for storing data for very long time at a very low cost. But retrieving backed up data is slow. It good for archiving data. May be old pics that you don't need frequently, things like that.
They also have a business option. There you can get 75 GB of storage, 50 GB cold storage and 25 GB of normal storage. But it needs business email to register.


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Zoolz ? Never heard of it .
But indeed 100GB for lifetime , sounds not bad .

But after i registered the account , and get the email asking me to active ,
and it say :

Sometimes I doubt this kind giveaway are just want to steal your email address and your information
just for advertising use only ....

Before user registered , they should tell you your country is available for this giveaway or not ,
but they don't !

After get all your information they need , and they just give you a pop-up message say
" oh , sorry you can't have it "

But all your private information are already give them for free already :(

I do not like this way , i don't think Zoolz is a good choose if they doing like this :(
I think i won't consider them anymore ....
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Never heard of this cloud service. Looks like an interesting offer. Might consider taking a look after doing some more research.


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I've found Zoolz to be pretty good so far. I paid $29 to get my free 100GB account upgraded to 1TB of storage.

If the free offer is not available outside the UK then try a VPN.

On their website there is also an offer for a free 75GB business account which includes 25GB of "hot" storage which allows instant upload/download. You cant register for this using a free account like gmail but a work email address is OK. Once the email address has been confirmed, you can then use Zoolz business on your home computer regardless.

I think they are a legit company- although obviously a relatively small business at present.
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