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Dealing with bad posts

Discussion in 'Help for New Members' started by bogdan, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. bogdan

    bogdan 1 of the 4 MalwareTips Founder

    Jan 7, 2011
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    Dealing with bad posts (and "flame-baiting")

    I'd like to point out some features of this forum that can allow you to help us deal with posts or posters that you feel are offensive (towards you or towards other members).

    1. Report bad posts (Recommended)

    This is the most important feature to deal with improper posts that brake our forum rules. At the end of each post you'll see a "Report" button (see picture). Click on this icon and fill out a short form to report the post to the moderators. When you report a post this way, all moderators will receive a notice with a link to the post and your reason for reporting it. This generally ensures that someone will be able to respond (and intervene, if necessary), thereby helping to keep threads on topic and prevent emotionally escalated responses to posts.


    You should report the post if it contains one of the following:
    • Bad language;
    • Insults/attacks towards other forum members;
    • Posts completely unrelated to the thread;
    • Optional: You may also report a post if you feel that a person continuously uses provocative sarcasm or condescending tone towards other members, with the purpose of drawing others to break forum rules (flame-baiting). Keep in mind that postings such as these may get close to (but not necessarily cross) the line of violating forum rules and may not be followed directly by disciplinary actions by the moderators. Moderators might ask the the poster to change his/hers behavior.
    2. Ignore the poster

    This is another useful tool to help everyone deal with bad/offensive postings or posters. It is also useful in dealing with posts/posters that try to stretch the boundaries of the rules without necessarily breaking them. Some posters know just how to "push others' buttons" without necessarily breaking forum rules. Sarcasm and condescending tone are often the main tools used in this case. Comments of this nature have the potential to infuriate other members, causing them to reply in a manner which only escalates the "heat" in the thread, a highly undesirable result. By ignoring a poster you won't see the text in his/hers posts and you're much less likely to respond and give the poster the satisfaction he/she seeks.

    To use the ignore feature:
    • Click on the name of the member you'd like to ignore (to view their profile);
    • On a users profile page you'll find "Add to Buddy list" and "Add to Ignore list" (see picture);
    • Click on "Add to Ignore list."

    What not to do

    You should not respond in any way that breaks the forum rules. You should also not respond in any way that further escalates potential flaming. Let moderators deal with such postings. If you find a particular posting offensive, you should simply report it to the moderators, optionally deduct reputation points, use the ignore feature if you feel it is necessary.

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