Basic Security Tips to Avoid Scams, Malware and Online Theft

Below you can find basic security tips that will help you avoid malware while you browse the Internet.

  • Keep your operating system and apps up to date. Whenever an update is released for your device, download and install it right away. These updates often include security fixes, vulnerability patches, and other necessary maintenance.
  • Pay close attention to installation screens and license agreements when installing software. Custom or advanced installation options will often disclose any third-party software that is also being installed. Take great care in every stage of the process and make sure you know what it is you’re agreeing to before you click “Next.”
  • Avoid using Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file-sharing programs, keygens, cracks, and other pirated software that can often compromise your data, privacy, or both.
  • Use a browser-based content blocker, like AdGuard. Content blockers help reduce ads, Trojans, phishing, and other undesirable content that an antivirus product alone may not stop.
  • Be careful what you download. A top goal of cybercriminals is to trick you into downloading malware—programs or apps that carry malware or try to steal information. This malware can be disguised as an app: anything from a popular game to something that checks traffic or the weather.
  • Be alert for people trying to trick you. Whether it’s your email, phone, messenger, or other applications, always be alert and on guard for someone trying to trick you into clicking on links or replying to messages. Remember that it’s easy to spoof phone numbers, so a familiar name or number doesn’t make messages more trustworthy.
  • Back up your data frequently and check that your backup data can be restored. Backup to an external device and disconnect it when the backup is complete. Never connect the backup drive to a computer if you suspect that the computer is infected with malware.

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