Ghostery Dawn - A new Privacy Browser based on Firefox (BETA)

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Jan 8, 2011
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Ghostery’s Signature Privacy Protection Technologies, Now Baked into a Browser​

We’ve integrated our tools so that you can surf with the fastest, smartest, and most transparent privacy defense.

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Link: March 2021 Update
  • Firefox 86.0.1 implementation, which has several fixes related to the core Firefox browser code.
  • Theme improvements, which continue to differentiate our browser chrome from Firefox and to streamline the URL bar and buttons to leave more space for content.
  • We have implemented Google Safe Browsing, so that you will get a warning before navigating to an unsafe webpage or downloading an unsafe file.
  • Geo location implementation on Window powered by Google API, which should make it easier to provide services like maps or content providers user location to grant access.
  • New tab improvements, including an informational Tracker Wheel summary popup, which gives you an overview of the different types of trackers you have encountered across your browsing experience.
  • Ghost mode translations, which now include German and French

Link: February 2021 Update
  • We have added private stats to the new tab page, which includes metrics for ads blocked, trackers blocked, data points anonymized, and time saved. This should make it easier to see the benefits you gain from Ghostery Dawn
  • We tweaked a few of the settings from Better Fox to restore some traditional UX elements.
  • We swapped out the default sites on the new tab with some more privacy-friendly options, including some sweet websites for your favorite ghost-themed digital privacy company!

Link: January 2021 Updates
  • The new tab design has been updated to incorporate the new Ghostery Dawn branding
  • The onboarding flow has been improved to let users choose more settings and preferences
  • We implemented privacy fixes suggested by @PoorPocketsMcNewHold on GitHub to disable battery status to prevent fingerprinting and to enforce Punycode for internationalized domain names to eliminate potential spoofing (keep these contributions coming!)
  • We made additional small fixes and branding improvements

Link: December 2020 Update
  • We are upgrade Ghostery Browser to the Firefox 84 codebase
  • We are including M1 MacOS support
  • We are offering a new default theme, called Ghostery Private, that is dark by default. The theme with gradients will be still available and be called Ghostery Dynamic
  • We are updating New Tab page default theme goes dark to match Ghostery Search

Link: November 2020 Announcement
Most notably, we’ve given the search UI a major overhaul. Up until now, we’ve essentially used a temporary front-end as we worked on implementing the designs. We still have a long way to go and not everything is working yet, but hopefully this gives you a sense of what we’re shooting for. We also made a bunch of updates to the browser’s advanced privacy settings, fixed some bugs, and further turned off features from Firefox that we don’t want for our own browser.
  • New Ghostery Search design with dark mode interface
  • Further optimization of browser to yield 10-20% better performance
  • Latest update from Firefox 83, including performance boost and security fixes
  • HTTPs only mode, an advanced privacy feature from Firefox, is turned on by default
  • Camera & Microphone kill switches enabled, always-on buttons to cut the feed at any point
  • Fix for issue preventing setting the new tab to a blank page
  • Fix for Windows on ARM devices, enabling install from those devices
  • Disabled some Firefox features, including Firefox Monitor and Ion/pioneer studies

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