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I'm wondering what is enable immunity rules(smart protection)
you could use cmd to run some .pif files

it blocks some uncommon extensions...

I'm wondering what is enable immunity rules(smart protection)

very good:emoji_clap:
where is this in the English version? I can't find it.
not yet... i may take some time to translate my rules into english...


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@Petrovic Thanks for posting. I've seen it before, but never tried it as it was only in Chinese up till now.

I've just installed it on one of machines and my first impressions are good. I like that you can configure it to prompt you when a threat is found, rather than auto quarantining and that when scanning, you can switch to between High and Regular scan modes to use less system resources.


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Are you the Developer of this Programm
No, just a Chinese user

Which Scan engines did you use it
Self-Developed ( called Cobra )
理念技术 Their website has many whitepapers, but all in Chinese, so...
Brief summary its pros and cons
1. HVM (Huorong Virtual Machine, Dynamic Heuristic), high capability of unpacking and detecting known threats/variants.
2. Extremely small virus database ( below 5mb) but cover most malware ( means one signature can match thousands of variants)
1. Weak to new threats (no cloud engine yet)
2. In some situation, performance is not so good (when a lot of new programs load, like ESET, both rely on local heuristic/sandbox)

Their approaches are very closed to ESET

Can you add this to virustotal please
They said they are waiting in line of being added into Virustotal. (They did not pay, so need to wait)


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1. Have they other products when yes which
They have the enterprise edition (only in Chinese now)
Also, inside the Huorong Internet Security, there's an ARK Tool - HRSword. I think it's a pretty good tool for advanced users.
2. Are all free or paid
Free for personal users, paid for enterprise users. They sale the enterprise edition and OEM services to earn money.
For personal edition, no ads, free forever, that's why Huorong has a relatively good reputation in China compared to Qihoo and Tencent.

Can you run it as default/deny?
You can add your rules to make it as default/deny
eg. stop all .exe from execution and use verdict cache to make exceptions.

How good is the AV and BB at default settings?
Fair enough for daily use, but compared to other famous vendors( Kaspersky, Eset....), still a lot of works need.
They enhanced Behavior-Based Detection in this new version