Level 4
Clean failed
Signature: 2019-04-08 10:57
Started at: 2019-04-08 19:52
Duration: 00:00:06
Object(s): 154
File(s): 94
Threat(s): 1
Cleaned: 0

Virus Details

Path: C:\Users\xxxxxx\Desktop\2\2\2019-03-01-Emotet-binary-used-to-generate-infection-traffic.exe, Detection: Trojan/Generic!EFB4845FE2BE78F6, Detection ID: efb4845fe2be78f6, Result: Clean failed

fix Cleaned: 1 version:

Signature: 2019-04-09 10:23
Started at: 2019-04-10 08:42
Duration: 00:00:12
Object(s): 326
File(s): 99
Threat(s): 1
Cleaned: 1

Virus Details

Path: C:\Users\xxxxxxxxxxxxx\Desktop\2\2\2019-03-01-Emotet-binary-used-to-generate-infection-traffic.exe, Detection: Trojan/Generic!EFB4845FE2BE78F6, Detection ID: efb4845fe2be78f6, Result: Cleaned


Level 19
This seemed like a nice program to have , so I installed the beta on a fresh image I took a while back. install went fine and everything went ok. nice feature rich program , simple / clean interface. after updating the program to the latest version of the program , it froze constantly : could not change any of the settings , not able to run a scan and so on. reverted back to the qihoo 360 image. big shame....it really looked promissing! anyone else here experiencing the same thing after the program update?


Level 5
The update really its not a problem 99.9999% of users never will get any new variant of malware so super new signatures are not really needed. Have any1 tested yet on ransom? any info abouth telemetry?


Level 9
Content Creator
Nice and useful article about Hourong IS that I've found today

Behold Eck

Level 12
So just a signature test then. Well HIS seemed to do alright percentage wise anyway?

Doesn`t look like he even tried to execute the missed samples, so no HIPS alerts.

Regards Eck :giggle: