Level 32
Simplewall (WFP Tool) 3.0 changelog:
  • dropped Windows Vista support
  • improved dpi support (ui)
  • moved rules list into main window
  • added services and uwp apps tab
  • added network connections monitor
  • fixed displaying notifications when it's disabled
  • fixed log file write through (issue #369)
  • fixed notifications safety timeout
  • fixed possible race conditions
  • fixed services path retrieve
  • fixed notifications cleanup
  • improved listview resizing
  • improved listview sorting
  • removed blacklist mode
  • cosmetic fixes
  • fixed bugs

NOTE 1: New version fully compatible with 2.x versions profile
NOTE 2: There is no Windows Vista support anymore (use 2.x versions instead)

Download: simplewall (Wfp Tool) 3.0


Level 26
Brilliant. Only thing that's stopping me from shifting to this from Glasswire, is to see live network usage against each process so that I can block network access to apps consuming my precious bandwidth.


Level 32
SimpleWall update: 3.1.2: Download: henrypp/simplewall
This is a maintenance release.
  • reverted disable windows firewall on startup (issue #559 and #562)
  • fixed application cannot be started because of continuously restart
  • fixed possible duplicate apps entries with short path (issue #640)
  • fixed network alert steals the focus (issue #637)
  • fixed network paths parsing (issue #629)
  • fixed netbios direction (issue #636)
  • fixed localization (issue #607)
  • fixed bugs