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    What's new in version (04.10.2017)

    - Fixed: During to a failed commit/build, the previous version did not display
    anything in the Action column. Rules Panel and Connections Log were affected.

    What's new in version (04.10.2017)

    - New: Connections Log contains now an "Auto refresh on open" check box which will
    automatically trigger Refresh when the window is opened.
    - New: Connections Log contains now an "Auto receive updates" check box which will
    automatically add the newest entries on top of the list. More info can be found in
    the user manual.
    - New: Main Panel displays now the currently connected location of Windows Firewall.
    - New: Added "Open the website" functionality in the About tab.
    - Fixed: Duplicate notifications may be displayed if the location of Windows Firewall
    changes after WFC service start-up and there are rules defined for specific locations.
    - Fixed: Merge rules functionality from Rules Panel does create the merged rule, but
    does not remove anymore the old rules.
    - Fixed: Import policy displays a successful operation result, even if the import has
    failed due to a file access denied error.
    - Fixed: Refresh does not work anymore in Connections Log after using the search.
    The window must be closed and reopened to be able to refresh again the data grid.
    - Fixed: Some group names from Windows 10 are not recognized.
    - Fixed: 'mDNS' keyword is not valid in Properties dialog as local port when opening
    such an inbound rule for UDP protocol.
    - Updated: The user manual was updated with new screenshots and updated topics.
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    Date: October 10, 2017
    File size: 1.60 MB
    MD5: f899acd559076572f65760114d416cc2

    What's new in version (10.10.2017)

    - Fixed: When connected to a VPN, the location displayed in Main Panel is empty.
    - Fixed: Secure Rules remains enabled in WFC service even when 'Reset all settings
    to the default values' from the Options tab is executed. The Secure Rules checkbox
    is unchecked but it is actually enabled.
    - Fixed: It is possible to create new firewall rules through Shell Integration even
    if the program is locked with a password.
    - Fixed: Sorting on the Action column does not work in version 5.
    - Fixed: Visual layout fixes in Main Panel.
    - Updated: Installer was renamed to wfc5setup.exe.
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