Discussion Thread ‘Privacy Nightmare on Wheels’: Every Car Brand Reviewed By Mozilla


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May 29, 2023


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Jan 8, 2011
Published Sept 6, 2023

It’s Official: Cars Are the Worst Product Category We Have Ever Reviewed for Privacy​


What Data Does My Car Collect About Me and Where Does It Go?​


After Researching Cars and Privacy, Here’s What Keeps Us up at Night​


New Mozilla research has revealed that popular global car brands — like Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota, Kia, Audi, Jeep, Honda, Volkswagen, and more — are collecting your deeply personal data, like your genetic information and sexual activity. This invasive harvesting of information is collected via a web of sensors, microphones, cameras and the phones, apps, and connected services you use in your vehicle.

Car companies are brazenly collecting deeply personal information about people the moment they get into a car, often without explicit consent to do so. And that’s why the Mozilla community is now coming together to force car companies to respect our right to privacy. Add your name to ask car companies to stop collecting, sharing and selling our very personal information.
Petition: *Privacy Not Included: A Buyer’s Guide for Connected Products


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Oct 22, 2018
In high school, I had a '51 Ford 2 dr. It was a stupid car that couldn't do anything without somebody to start and steer it. It was also easy to work on, got 23 miles per gallon, and was loyal and didn't spy on you. Wish I still had it.
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