Ending Soon 1Password Families - free license for 6 months

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How to get a free 1Password Families license for 6 months

1.Go to the offer page,enter your name, email address and click"Create account".
2 . Enter the six-digit code sent to the mail.
3 . Set the master password.
4 . Click "Create an account and add a map later."
5 . Download the secret PDF key and save on your computer.
6 . Download 1Password and install using registration data and secret code to log in: Operating System Support: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 | macOS 10.13 or higher | Android 5.0 and iOS 11

Features of the free license 1Password Families

  • Free license for five members of your family.
  • There is no update to the new versions.
  • Free technical support is not available.
  • Only for private use.
If you like it, the $2.50/ month promo is still live!


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Apr 13, 2014
Free license for 1Password Families password manager for 6 months.

1Password password manager allows you to share passwords, credit cards, and other information in a simple and secure way, which you are afraid to send through an unsecured email.
1Password generates strong and unique passwords for all your network accounts, remembers and stores safely, automatically registering users on the necessary sites on the Internet.
Your family receives 1GB of encrypted document storage that you can safely share and access from anywhere.

zoran popovic

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Sep 26, 2019



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May 3, 2015
In the long run, the Personal plan is better value for singular users.

Family is really good only if you actually have more than one person using it. Right now, it's me and my wife. The two kids when they are old enough to need passwords will be added as well.

Now their offering this promotion AFTER I subscribed is rather personal :)
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