Which offers better protection: Avira Free Antivirus or Avast Free Antivirus?

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really? you are comparing Avast with Avira?

Oh you know nothing Jon Snow ! :D
Avast Free for sure, its behavior blocker improved a lot this recently.


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When it comes to GUI, Avast UI is far better than Avira, which seems somewhat dated, IMO. Avast Free has much more features, including Behaviour Blocker, Hardened Mode, among others. Avira is stronger on signatures and is very light-weight, but is very basic. On the free side, I guess Avast is probably the best you find out there.


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Undoubtedly Avast Free Antivirus.
  • Lots of options to configure
  • Multiple layers of technologies
  • Noob-friendly controls
  • Suitable for inexperienced and experienced users
Downside to Avast: In-app Avast upsell notifications.
Downside to Avira: Bundled with Online Essentials launcher.


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Avira has a stupid launcher that just consumes resources for no reason, doesn't have a behavior blocker, is totally relied on signatures and the cloud, and above all has an outdated GUI (for my taste), though in some systems it may be lighter than avast, it doesn't not offer the protection that avast does - which got a lot better with the new behavior blocker - nor does it offer the costumizability of avast.
p.s. Avira does a quick scan of your system whenever it finds a malware - which sucks

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Avira is ligtweight. It offers greater efficiency than Avast. It has fewer mishaps of false positives. Avira is very easy to use.


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Actually just finished doing some testing between the two, and I would definitely go with Avast free. It performed very well. On demand scan picked up most of the threats, and with hardened mode even set to moderate, it still picked up the remaining threats during dynamic testing. I'm not to fond of their privacy stance though and with the amount of data they transmit back to their servers. As for Avira, on demand testing is really good, but their real time protection, well not so much. If they don't have a signature or if it's heuristics analysis doesn't pick up on any malicious code , then there is no fallback to block a threat. It is quite antiquated protection if you ask me and wouldn't recommend it this day in age with all the constantly evolving malware. Not to mention settings are very limited and system scans are performed whenever a threat is found, which is pretty annoying. And there is no way to disable it.