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early Windows based on stolen code Mac.. currently Windows 10 still keep steals our privacy/dota.....

How you think.. wndows come far away whole 30y... i dont think so :p


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This is a nice thread as it is good to see a comprehensive timeline with pics
You can just basically skip every other one to find the ones that were actually good :D I started on Windows 95 and it has come a long way.
Personally Windows 10 is the best OS and I am not one to easily change operating systems.It is playing nicer now than a couple months ago.
Privacy issues can be easily eliminated but if you have worked on a PC for anyone with Windows 10 installed it is a breeze to fix much easier than 7 & 8/8.1.
Even more so now that most driver issues have been revealed and from having my own issues with Nvidia drivers it is much easier to fix the bugs that still rear their ugly head.


I tested Windows 3.0 for study reasons and I kept out of curiosity, and discovering some things, I was surprised.
Monothread multitasking scheduled for system events, but you could use "N" virtual DOS windows.
I remember in particular the issue of memory in banks. There was EMMS that switched the banks and XMMS you used on i386.
The operating system manages 640 KB of memory and the rest was in banks, to use more of this incredible amount of memory, using Globalalloc and did not have the pointer but the handle, then you should have been a lock that was staring the bank and gave you the pointer.
All of this work in the "real" mode where the 32-bit 386 processor that had I/O mapping/segmented pagination/task switching with single instruction, entered the simulation of a 16-bit XT, to adapt to DOS.

Things you would not believe ... but those were the war years of operating systems.

Today we use a quadcore smartphone with 4 GB ram and 32 GB flash and we are not aware of anything...
Thanks for this thread @BoraMurdar :)


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Wow what a history Microsoft has! I have to say have liked all operating systems and love what they have done for us from Windows XP and it's pinball and MSN Messenger to Windows 7 and the whole clean look of everything.
Amazing read as well.
The first computer that I got into was bought had Windows 98 and from there is when I got into the whole computer scene. Have loved what has come from Microsoft and to this day every now and then I do boot up a virtual machine of all Windows to play around with it and see how far they have come. :)


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Windows is definitely contribute to people live's and how the stage of technology change from generation to generation.

Whether you like it or not, Windows OS is likely you need from all of your needs.