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Discussion in '360 (Qihoo)' started by Mops21, Nov 4, 2017.

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    I see that they've increased the price of a premium subscription by 50%. Also, your subscription entitles you to some software discounts, including OmniTweak's System Booster. This is a concern for me considering that OmniTweak is a very shady company, just read my post, to see details.

    OmniTweak's software in not malicious, but you would expect a security company to not want to associated with such an untrustworthy company. Also, the System Booster software, claims it will speed of your system, but it will not show what tweaks it wants apply, or the registry errors it wants to delete. So, there's no way to tell what it will do, even if you purchase it.

    I will be interested to see if the driver updater that is now included with the subscription service is an English language version of their own driver update software, or OmniTweak's Driver Updater software that they advertise in the free version of 360 TS.
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