Dec 19, 2016
Operating System
Windows 8.1
Recently I surprisingly found out that Kaspersky announces a free version with limited functionality, and it is in Chinese only(correct me if I was wrong), and if the product is activated outside mainland China it prompts an error, but this can be solved by using a proxy server (good luck guys tryin' to read those characters), the link is here:

免费反病毒软件 Kaspersky Free

There are several commons and differences to Kaspersky Antivirus:
1. You will get full and newest signature update(unlike 360 using Avira and Bitdefender engine it uses the signature released 9 DAYS AGO) and you are connected to KSN so nice cloud protection;
2. Four components are fully usable: File Antivirus, Web Antivirus, IM Antivirus and Mail Antivirus;
3. Very decent protection against known and recent (about and more than 1 week) threats;
4. Very light weight as the only resource consuming component is File Antivirus;
5. The main application is as well up to date(2017) and will automatically be updated.
1. lol I cannot read Chinese (jokes) but yeh this is not very good :(
2. No technical support;
3. No application control so computer data is vulnerable to new ransomware;
4. No system watcher, system is vulnerable against zero day threat;
5. No Internet Security feature (firewall and network attack blocker) so system is vulnerable against port scans, DoS attack and intrusion activities.

It works like that, when you install it you will have to activate it manually to get a 365 free license, after the license expires, you will have to re-activate the product, of course for free. so you can indefinitely use the product without any cost.

I believe the reason of Kaspersky giving the Chinese such free version because:
1. Almost NO personal users in China would pay for antivirus cause they give no cr*p to online threats and they wanna hold tight on their money :) ;
2. [Most Important] by having a huge usage pool in China they can get a even larger analysis pool for they cloud network, although free version does not have proactive defense, it still uploads suspicious files to KSN so Kaspersky can get the edge over their competitors, Bitdefender and Avira in terms of speed in getting samples of new threat, considering China is one of the main sources of malware in the globe.

Here is the screenshot


Level 10
Nov 26, 2016
Operating System
Windows 10
So annoying they don't offer Kaspersky AV in English and allow others to use it. While free version doesn't have System Watcher, it still has KSN and that would benefit Kaspersky a lot having massive userbase feeding their KSN cloud network.