Review 4GHz CPU Battle: AMD 2nd-Gen Ryzen vs. Intel 8th-Gen Core


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May 13, 2017
Intel can easily reach those frequencies, but AMD Ryzen will strugle.
Indeed, I do not intend on buying Ryzen anytime soon, it is overpriced . Ryzen is still experimental, it has problems with virtually anything. It does not bring any noticeable performance to gaming, just to video/graphic editing, which I do not need.

FX is great for OC. I set my FX4100 (3,8GHz) to 4,4GHz just by increasing multiplier (50C at 100% load), I could easily get 5GHz with air cooling, but I do not really need to, yet. I plan to replace it with FX9000 series, I will ramp it up to 5GHz minimum. I will consider Ryzen later.
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