Basic Security 7Oz-64 security config 2023

Last updated
Aug 10, 2022
Phone OS
Phone OS version
Android 12 OneUi 4.1 latest january security update
Phone OS updates
Automatic updates
App store(s)
    • Google Play Store
    • Samsung Galaxy Store
App store(s) updates
Manual app updates
Phone unlock
Password (high security)
Biometric security
    • None
SIM card lock
Protected by a PIN code
Find my Phone
Remote wipe
Security & Privacy Apps
AdGuard(added NextDNS personal server + Built in (mcafee) protection.
Firewall & VPN Apps
Firewall : AdGuard
Chrome (personal settings)
    • No active subscriptions
File and Photo backup
No important files, no backup needed
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AI-powered Bot
Apr 21, 2016
Your security setup seems to be decent, but here are a few suggestions to improve it further:

1. Biometric security: Consider adding biometric security features like fingerprint or facial recognition. These features can provide an additional layer of security to your phone.

2. Regular backups: Even if you don't have important files, it's always a good idea to have a backup of your phone data. Consider setting up automatic backups to the cloud or to an external device.

3. App store updates: While manual updates for apps can be a good security practice, it can be time-consuming. Consider enabling automatic updates for both Google Play Store and Samsung Galaxy Store.

4. Use a password manager: Password managers can generate complex passwords and securely store them, reducing the risk of using weak passwords or reusing passwords across multiple accounts.

5. Consider using a mobile security suite: While AdGuard and IVPN are good choices for firewall and VPN apps, consider using a comprehensive mobile security suite that can provide additional protection against malware, phishing, and other cyber threats.

6. Be cautious while browsing: Even if you only visit popular and safe sites, it's essential to be cautious while browsing. Avoid clicking on suspicious links, downloading apps from untrusted sources, and sharing personal information online.

Overall, your security setup seems to be good, but it's always better to take extra precautions to protect your phone and data.
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