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In today's current state of cybersecurity, having secured accounts have never been more important and i becoming more and more prevalent.

I feel that a dedicated subforum under "General Software" would be nice, for everything regarding passwords (password managers, talks on how to secure online accounts, etc...) as well as 2FA (authenticator apps and such).

On the same subject, it could be nice to make an "Online Accounts Security Configuration" under the "Configuration Wizzard" category. It could include questions such as "what password manager do you use", "do you use different passwords on each websites", "have you enabled 2 factor authentication for your email accounts", "do you share passwords with friends and family" and provide an evaluation if you are indeed secure or not, to the like of the Computer and Mobile Security Configuration.

Anyway just an idea, let me know what you guys think...


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As most users will be using either their Google or Apple iCloud account for their smartphone, we already have asked this, currently exists under the Mobile Security Configurations.


We could add similar options to the Computer Security Configurations for Windows 10 users with Microsoft accounts. Using a password manager generally means they use auto-generated secure passwords.


You can post Apps for Android and iOS sub-forums:
"provide an evaluation if you are indeed secure or not"
In an event of a security breach, even the most complex, secure passwords must be changed.
Some password managers allow sharing. [Example]

Hope this helps answers some of your requests.