Technology A quick look back at the launch of Netscape Navigator 1.0 29 years ago this week


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Apr 24, 2016
On October 13, 1994, Netscape Communications Corporation issued a press release announcing its plans to release what it called the Netscape "network navigator", starting with a beta version. On December 15, 1994, 29 years ago this week, Netscape Navigator 1.0 was released for Windows 3.1, Macintosh System 7.0 and UNIX X Window System.

Netscape Navigator 1.0 included what would become standard features on other web browsers such as loading images and text from a web page at the same time, support for the popular JPEG image format, hierarchical bookmarks, and a generally improved user interface.

One interesting thing about Netscape Navigator 1.0 was that it was the first web browser designed for commercial use. While individuals were still allowed to download the web browser for free, along with academic and non-profit groups, businesses were asked to pay to use the browser.


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Apr 16, 2017
Netscape was also my first browser. I then also used Netscape for online banking. Before that, however, I had already used online banking in the Deutsche Bundespost's BTX system.
can't say Netscape was my first browser... IIRC Windows 95 came with Internet Explorer, (I had Downloaded 95 at Midnight & got a black tee-shirt to commemorate the "event") thinking I must have used IE to download Netscape (unless it came on CD), do not recall, but vaguely recall MS litigation about IE being part of OS.

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