Technology A quick look back at the launch of Windows 2000 24 years ago today


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Apr 24, 2016
Microsoft's Windows business was at something of a crossroads near the end of the 20th century in terms of its software development. The company was releasing consumer versions of Windows with its support for legacy MS-DOS apps like Windows 98, while its Windows NT OS platform was made for businesses with its 32-bit Windows NT 4.0 architecture.

The original plan was to launch Windows operating systems in 2000 so both the consumer and business versions would be based on the same Windows NT kernel. However, that didn't happen because the consumer Windows team was not able to get that working.

As Paul Thurrott wrote on his Supersite for Windows website, then Microsoft president Steve Ballmer announced on April 7, 1999, that Microsoft would release a final consumer Windows that would be an update from Windows 98. That OS would later launch as Windows Millenium Edition, better known as Windows Me, in September of 2000.

That meant businesses who wanted a new version of Windows with the NT kernel would be getting an update from Windows NT 4.0, Originally the name of that OS would be Windows NT 5.0. However, Microsoft decided to name it as Windows 2000. That OS launched 24 years ago today, on February 17, 2000.

Even though Windows 2000 was made for business users, Microsoft made an effort to add some of the features that were included in the consumer Windows 98 operating system. The archived Microsoft webpage that revealed the features of Windows 2000 Pro showed that it added support for Internet Explorer 5 and later IE 6, along with Windows Media Player, Outlook Express, the Windows Desktop Update feature, and more.

It also added Plug and Play support for better access to printers and other accessories. It supported DirectX, which meant that it could run high-end Windows games of that time. Windows 2000, with no legacy MS-DOS support, was also far more stable than the consumer Windows Me.


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May 29, 2023
Still alive and kicking (in a VM). :)

New Moon browser (fork of Pale Moon for older OS's) works, but YouTube is very sluggish.
Downloading videos with youtube-dl (nightly build) works though and they can be played with VLC 1.1.11.



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Dec 17, 2013
my God
Does that mean 24 years have passed?
When I saw Windows 2000, better animations and infinitely more beautiful effects than Windows 98, the smoothness of the windows and not hanging one after the other, it was the best feeling in the world for me. At that time, GTA Vice City on Windows 2000 when it rained It would crash and we had to install both Windows 98 and 2000 to play GTA on 98.
My God, I felt a unique feeling in my heart and tears came to my eyes.
Nothing like this could bring me back to the past, the past that passed too soon...
thank you Gandalf_The_Grey & nicolaasjan

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