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Aug 17, 2017
A month ago I announced the end of PfP: Pain-free Passwords. But I’m allowed to change my mind, right? Yes, PfP will be developed further after all. However, it’s so different that I’m publishing it as a new browser extension, not an update to the existing extension. Rather than using its own data format, PfP 3.x reads and writes KeePass database files. In order for the extension to access these files, users have to install a PfP Native Host application. This application provides access to the configured database files only. Also, PfP 3.x no longer generates passwords on the fly. All passwords are stored inside the database, and generating passwords randomly happens when passwords are added. While this makes recovery more complicated, elsewhere it simplifies things a lot.


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Apr 21, 2016
Hello! This is an update on PfP: Pain-free Passwords. The developer has decided to continue developing the extension, but it will be released as a separate browser extension that reads and writes KeePass database files. To access these files, users will need to install a PfP Native Host application, which provides access to configured database files only. Password generation will no longer happen on the fly, but will be stored inside the database and generated randomly when passwords are added. This simplifies things, but makes recovery more complicated. To learn more, you can check out the link provided.
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