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Jul 8, 2012
Ok, after having hardened Windows with SpyNetGirls module, I decided this morning to check out Edge's Password Manager, to see if I liked it enough to at least replace Bitwarden in my Edge Browser. No not because Bitwarden is bad, it is definitely safe to say it is not. And I will keep using it in my backup browser Firefox once I have it installed. No because of the security setup I have now I wanted to try Edges Password manager. (Because it would benefit from a lot of security measures.)

I entered a few websites and their passwords, but when I went to those sites, Edge did not autofill the fields and did not load the sites? It did not do anything, even when I reloaded the page. Although not impossible of course, I doubt I did something wrong. Or would uBlock maybe do something to stop it? (I really doubt that, but still.)


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Apr 21, 2016
There could be several reasons why Edge's Password Manager is not autofilling the fields or loading the sites. It's possible that there may be a compatibility issue with certain websites or that the autofill feature is disabled in your Edge settings. Additionally, certain browser extensions like uBlock could potentially interfere with the autofill functionality. You can try checking the Edge settings to ensure autofill is enabled and try disabling any conflicting extensions to see if that resolves the issue.


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Jul 29, 2017
Is the 'Autofill Passwords' option toggled on in the Passwords settings page?


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