I'm dealing with a UK film production company. They're working with us on a short film. We're supposed to speak the same language, but I've found it isn't so. The producer had me change several references in the script where I mentioned 'sidewalk.' No one there knew what the word 'sidewalk' meant. These are Londoners. Maybe it's different in other places.

*edit* Not a clue about spotted dick. I've never heard of it, or the term.

footway or pathway
there is different language use and accents all across UK

spotted dick is English pudding
ask an American "you want some spotted dick "?
nah, nah, dat b aright....aright
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English pudding..... That is not the first thing that came to mind.

I'm familiar with Haggis, but have not and will not eat the stuff. That's Scottish I think anyway.