Acer Aspire S3 Review by ZDnet

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Level 61
Apr 17, 2011
Operating System
Windows 10
Installed Antivirus
Trend Micro
Pros: NAND memory on the motherboard means quick resume times.
Decent multi-touch touch pad for Windows.
Very slim.

Cons: The MacBook Air offers better, for cheaper.
Power button is fiddly.
Screen noticeably wobbles when typing.

Conclusion: You can do alot with this laptop. Very easy to put away and keep out of the way and not to blocky as a laptop in general.
Rating: 4 Stars (Very Good)

The first ultrabook is a glimpse of what's yet to come. As it stands, though — and we thought we'd never say this about an Apple product — you get more for less money with the MacBook Air.

Acer Aspire S3 Laptop
Full review.
Feb 24, 2011
Installed Antivirus
Looks visually stunning, but if you're willing to pay that ammount of money with the aim of wanting a super thin product then you might as well go with the Mac *Borks* if you must.

Would rather sacrifice the size in order to get some killer specs if willing to spend that much (don't get me wrong it's packed with some nice hardware but still...).
Feb 25, 2011
Macbook air is a better choice; the display amazing, with good contrast, 400cd/m²... something you can have outside and work with.
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