"FREE for a limited time – upgrade to Acronis True Image New Generation, a premium level subscription. This includes all future upgrades to premium at no additional cost. Click here to download now"

What it means that " this includes all future upgrades to premium at no additional cost".


Five New Enhancements
Here are five new backup and security levels you’ll reach by subscribing to an Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation Premium Subscription. You’ll get powerful new protections unique to the backup industry to give you peace of mind.

Acronis Active Protection™
Increase your defenses against thieves who want to encrypt and hold your precious files for ransom. Acronis Active Protection™ is an always-on virtual guard dog that detects and neutralizes ransomware attacks to protect your Windows files, local and cloud backup files, and the backup software itself from being hijacked by evildoers.

Acronis Notary™
Greater peace of mind ensuring that important files are identical to the version you backed up. Acronis Notary™ provides a way to ensure your data remains authentic and unchanged – and provides a simple way to authenticate that a file is identical to the version originally stored.

Acronis ASign™
A simple-to-use process to gather digital signatures for important documents. Use Acronis ASign™ to invite others to digitally sign a file and generate an audit trail that can be validated.

Back up Your Mobile Device Content
A host of new, convenient back up data protection features. For example, securely back up iPhones, Android phone, and tablets directly to Windows or MacOS computers and browse your mobile content from your computer. Or recover your Facebook feeds to the same or a different Facebook account.

Enhanced Security
Military-grade end-to-end encryption, including mobile backups and Facebook backups!

Safeguard all of your valuable backups and data from possible loss to modern data threats. Upgrade to an Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation premium subscription today!


Level 7
Still don't see a reason to fork out more cash to upgrade from 2015 to 2017. If Ransomware is getting your knickers in a knot, go back to an abacus or a paper computer. Just like popping a pharmaceutical product and saying, "oh no, there are side effects." Bull***t. There are no side effects, just effects. You take/use it, then welcome whatever comes... not just the "stuff that you welcome with open arms".

lol @ active protection. Oh no, a thief! The biggest thief is the person in front of the monitor, convincing him/herself that a digital material possession is worth anything.

lol @ notary. If the app is worth the price, it shouldn't need a "double-check" after backup.

lol @ audit-trail. Signatures are about as reliable as a blind witness to a robbery.

lol @ mobile backup. Dare I say, "for f**ks sake"?

lol @ enhanced security. No comment.


@Paul123 - keep your cash, or better yet... shout yourself a lap-dance at a stripclub. This will result in two smiles on two peoples faces, instead of a frown on yours.
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Level 9
The test is bull. If you save your Marcrium backups off your main hard drive such as DVD or USB, none of their so called ransomware would have been able to cripple you. And of course, who paid for this test?:unsure: