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Adblock Plus 2.6.5 for Firefox

  • Fixed: Element hiding exceptions are broken by changes in Firefox 34 and Firefox 35 (issue 1241, issue 1381).
  • Fixed: Blocking via context menu won’t always suggest blocking the most recent request (issue 362).
  • Fixed: Issue reporter will complain about too many filter lists even when these filter lists are “special” like the anti-adblock list (issue 690).
  • Fixed: Disabling filters via space bar no longer works in preferences (issue 1129).
  • Fixed: Sharing Adblock Plus from the first-run page won’t work if the Anti-Social list is enabled (issue 1133).
  • Fixed: Anti-Adblock warning will sometimes appear on websites without any anti-adblock behavior (issue 1161).
  • Made $sitekey option behavior more consistent, it can be used similarly to $domain now rather than whitelisting complete websites only (issue 432).
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