New Update AdGuard VPN for Android - Stable and Beta Updates Thread


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Apr 24, 2016
AdGuard VPN serves to protect your online privacy, encrypt your connection, hide your IP address and websites you visit from anyone (including your ISP). Cutting-edge technologies and multiple customization options will help conceal your location and ensure anonymous browsing on the web.

To get more information and to download AdGuard VPN for Android, visit our website AdGuard VPN for your privacy and security.

AdGuard VPN for Android 2.6 released:

This release is truly a feast for the eyes. Our application now offers dynamic themes as well as dynamic icons. By enabling these features, AdGuard VPN app will adjust its interface and icons to match the color scheme of your device.

Please note that these features are only available on devices running Android 12 or higher.
But that’s not all! We have also addressed several UI issues and made some improvements to give our app a more refined look. Additionally, the VPN client has been updated, providing increased stability.



  • Improved the name of the exported file containing the list of excluded sites #340
  • VPN client updated to v0.11.304 #371
  • Added a link to the version history in the About section #337


  • Subdomain checkbox stays inactive after removing * #356
  • Deleted subdomain returns after attempting to delete the main domain #344
  • The domain name field is collapsed in the “Edit website address” popup on devices with smaller screens #315
  • Email is not suggested by Google password manager on Android 11 #313
  • Notification shade icon is not Material You themed #361
  • Outdated picture in the Subscription promo tab #369
  • Buttons on the “Add website” popup are not visible on devices with a small display #316
  • VPN tunneling doesn’t work for some domains in Selective mode #368
You can install the app from the official Play Store or from our website.

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