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No problem mate I'm not argueing or anything. I'm just stating that Chrome is not infected, if you download chrome from google, and install it, it's clean. There is no magic that will infect your chrome browser until you click on something or you surf anything so you can get infected by java scripts / exploits / malvertising / dobleclick / etc. Chrome is a great browser, very popular so it's common to be targeted by malware more often than other browsers.
Quoting from your source:

I discovered the files by accident. Through a typo in the address bar I went to an address from which the browser was redirected a couple of times until it ended up on a page which loaded one of the two attacks described above. I have notified the Administrative contact for the domain, which appears to have been parked.

The first time I encountered the files I got to the pages with no problem. Shortly thereafter, Google Safe Browsing API blocked access to them in Firefox and Chrome.""

It's clear that he had to go a bit deep to get to the webpage that did redirect him to the page that downloaded a VeriSign signing certificate installer. So far the browser wasn't infected, but a user behavior leaded into a unsecure place with unsecure content. This is common, as you can see to downlod a bunch of stuffs from internet you will have to deal with ads, ads will load windows in the background and these windows can auto download files sometimes, plus the pop's up. The thing is I don't like it calling Chrome browser is infected, because it is not.
Very good explanation! Thanks. All is fine until one starts clicking, if unprotected!