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Jan 8, 2011
Search for "VPN" on Google Play Store and you'll discover a huge collection of apps about VPN.

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What advice can you provide for novice Android users or people switching from iOS/WP? What tricks and tips do you abide by to find safe and legitimate apps that you can use? And what about new apps that aren't provided by known vendors or security software companies?


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Nov 17, 2016
Its a very tough decision to make regarding VPN's, as most VPN offers refund only if you don't exceed 500mb and that is not enough to test properly, so that takes out the try before buy on most of them. Most do offer trials without CC or email, so try as much you can so you can find the best speed, price, and which UI you like most.

1 suggestion I have is figure out exactly why you need a VPN, is it to bypass restrictions or privacy, research their site to find if there is a server by your location, read fine prints and run speed test.

Best suggestion is read and post about it on MT, VPN forum and look for best deals on HOT DEALS and discount. That's how I found my VPN and at a great price...


Post Disclaimer: This post is based solely upon my own personal experience - and BRN has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Purchasing or using a VPN app from Google Store just isn't the way to go - in terms of reliability, problem resolution, technical support, and above all else - security (especially against IpV6 leaks).

Disable IpV6 on your Android if you are able to on the device. It is best to ask the provider before purchase if their VPN client has native support for this on Android.

Ask if anti-DNS Hijacking has been implemented.

Something to consider, but just be aware it was funded by IVPN: VPN Testing

The test results in the above report "jive" with reputable academic researcher findings.

However, technically the downside is that one cannot interpret a PC-based VPN test to provide equivalent performance and protection on an Android device.

I would ask the vendor to produce some kind of meaningful data\report. It isn't an unreasonable request. Then you can judge for yourself.

Technically optimal security, great customer service, solid technical support and transparency:
  • Mullvad
  • IVPN
007 stuff...

Both can be used on Android. If it does not work out for your mobile device, then IVPN offers a 7 day refund (there is no contract anyway) and Mullvad a 30 day refund policy.

Both vendors have device-specific technical advice. Ask about it before deciding to subscribe..
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Jul 31, 2014
I suggest using only the corresponding app of the well-known and reviewed vendors: CyberGhost, Zenmate, FSecure Freedome, etc.
This is to avoid fake or malicious apps that can collect sensitive information or infect your device.


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Mar 15, 2011
Well I think any VPN should do however consider the following factors:

A) Better selection of servers even limited in Free version.
B) Possible of masked the IP address
C) Bypass those censorship sites.

Hotspot Shield is a worth to try follow by other legitimate counterparts as mentioned.
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