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I already use sumatra, please real full post. i need TTS support pdf reader alternative for foxit.
I am liking coolpdf, its like sumatra but with a lot more features.
If I've seen it, I just said I use Sumatra. And I have given you some alternatives.
Maybe my message is mistranslated.:giggle:
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But user beware: don't open PDF files from unknown sources in an outdated PDF reader, unless you have it sandboxed or something like that.
if user disable script or the pdf doesn't support scripting, it doesn't matter
moreover, foxit will ask every time something wants to run a script

running an older version doesn't automatically mean it's more vulnerable
I use 1/2 of my softwares older versions because they have no ads/nags or they are just simply much faster


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Yes, i found it too. Loving it, became my default pdf reader.
I already have 3-4 voices installed which i prefer, but many thanks for this. Bookmarked it.
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