AMD Continues Working On SmartShift Support For Linux


Level 22
Apr 16, 2017
Announced last year by AMD was SmartShift Technology for laptops with both AMD CPUs and GPUs to allow dynamically shifting the power budget between the CPU/GPU depending upon the current workload. AMD promoted SmartShift as delivering up to 14% extra performance and now this technology is being worked on for their Linux driver.

SmartShift appeared in select all-AMD notebooks last year before saying the roll-out was paused until 2021. At Computex Taipei 2021 they talked again about SmartShift briefly and we are also seeing the latest Linux kernel patches posted for enabling SmartShift on Linux.

AMD this week for Computex Taipei began re-talking about SmartShift after announcing it last year. (Coincidentally?) new Linux patches have also been appearing.

Published on Sunday was the fifth time a patch for AMDGPU was submitted for enabling SmartShift with the discrete Radeon notebook GPU when part of a supported system.