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AMD a few years ago had been almost bankrupt due to poor leadership from the former CEO (the Devil incarnate), Hector Ruiz. Since then Lisa Su has taken over and is in the process of making AMD into a powerhouse. Today they release their quarterly earnings and they reported the best earnings they had in over 7 years. They seem to be at the beginning of eating Intel's lunch. Looking forward was something that I stated previously, the move to the 7nm process (from 14nm)- this will give almost double the computing power of a chip with about a 40% reduction in power consumption. Foolishly enough, Intel is STILL trying to make the dead 10nm node work.

From today's AMD conference call: "Su referred a number of times to 7-nanometer, the current leading-edge of chip production for AMD and its manufacturing suppliers. She in fact made it sound just as much a source of growth as the company’s own efforts. It’s not just AMD’s chips, in other words: Su is seeing a sustained advantage from manufacturing amidst Intel’s continued delays in getting its chips to be produced reliably at 10-nanometer transistor dimensions."

A few months ago I suggested buying AMD calls when the Stock was at 11. If done at that time this would have quadrupled any money invested. Although any further investment gains will be more subdued, I strongly suggest that AMD is a no-brainer for your retirement portfolio.

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