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I am Happy to announce An Exclusive Giveaway For Malwaretips Members.

List of Prizes:
  1. Sandboxie Lifetime x 1 License
  2. Revo Uninstaller Pro x 3 Licenses
  3. Shadow Defender x 3 Licenses
  4. Zemana Antilogger x 10 Licenses
  5. Glary Utilities Pro x 15 Licenses



1. Answer this Question:

  • Which is your Favourite Security Software?

2. Share the Giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or other Social Site.


Final Details:-

You are allowed to participate with one post and one account/IP. Having multiple accounts on our forum is against our rules and will disqualify you.

The first Username(s) in the Randomized list will Win the 1st Sandboxie License, the next 3 participates will receive the Revo Uninstaller Pro, and following 3 receive Shadow Defender and so on, until all Licenses are exhausted.
- Please see Additional Details *

Prizes cannot be selected or exchange.

The Winner(s) must claim their prize via Private Message to me, Spirit within 5 days of the announcement.

The Winner(s) will be chosen by and announced publicly by 12.05.2013.

The draw will be fair & unbiased.


* Additional Details:-

Due to unforeseen events, certain Winners will not be able to obtain a license of the same type due to another contest held externally by Spirit. Please be assured the majority of participants should not be affected.

Changes in Method:

1. All participants will be drawn into

2. The Top 1 Username listed will be the Winner for Sandboxie.

3. The draw will be repeated with the exclusion of the previous Winner(s).

4. For multiple licenses such as Shadow Defender, the Top 3 Usernames will be the Winner(s).

5. This process will be repeated until all licenses are exhausted.

6. If a Winner is drawn and already obtains a license (of which was hosted externally), they will be temporary excluded until the next round of a different software.

This post has been modified to update all participants on the details of changes.

Winner Announced Here


Winners & their Prizes Claim Status

1... Sandboxie---------->Terene--------------> License sent
2.....Revo Pro--------- ->Ga4E1---------------> License sent
3.....Revo Pro--------- ->toffee---------------> License sent
4.....Revo Pro----------->MalwareMan---------> License sent
5.....Shadow Defender--->donotcrack------- --> License sent
6.....Shadow Defender--->WalterWolf----------> License sent
7.....Shadow Defender--->Mike-----------------> License sent
8.....Zemana ------------>pardeep-------------> License sent
9.....Zemana ------------>firestr001----- ------> License sent
10.....Zemana ----------->Dacko-------- ------> License sent
11....Zemana ----------->arms963-------------> License sent
12....Zemana ----------->Mi7892---------------> License sent(PM disable,sent by email)
13....Zemana ----------->TwinHeadEa ----------> License sent
14....Zemana ----------->rocky11013-----------> License sent
15....Zemana ----------->nastavnikhe-----------> License sent
16....Zemana ----------->dbius------------------> License sent
17....Zemana ----------->vinay84----------------> License sent
18....Glary Pro----------->arvind------------------> License sent
19....Glary Pro----------->jasonx------------------> License sent
20....Glary Pro----------->renha-------------------> License sent
21....Glary Pro----------->wtiwoj77----------------> License sent
22....Glary Pro----------->Mserrif------------------> License sent
23....Glary Pro----------->prought-----------------> License sent
24....Glary Pro----------->Malpa-------------------> License sent
25....Glary Pro----------->Booncome---------------> License sent
26....Glary Pro----------->venustus----------------> License sent
27....Glary Pro----------->simmy-------------------> License sent
28....Glary Pro----------->ajilo---------------------> License sent
29....Glary Pro----------->ptup---------------------> License sent
30....Glary Pro----------->Raul90-------------------> License sent
31....Glary Pro----------->grrr----------------------> License sent
32....Glary Pro----------->Dxt-Baloch---------------> License sent


Level 6
My favourite security software is Bitedender Internet Security 2013 so far. ;)

Thanks for this great giveaway! :)


Level 1
1. Which is your Favourite Security Software?
Bitdefender Total Security 2013

2. Share the Giveaway on Facebook,Twitter or any Social Site.

Thanks & Rep


Level 3
Which is your Favourite Security Software?
My favourite security software is Emsisoft Internet Security Pack

Thanks for this ;)
Q: Which is your Favourite Security Software?
Ans: my favorite security is Eset Smart Security 6
i love all giveaways of hope to win


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Thank you for amazing giveaway!

My favorite is Kasperski Internet Security.


Level 10
Content Creator
My favourite security software is F-Secure Internet Security 2013.


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1. Favourite security software is NAV (Norton Antivirus) combined with Agnitum Outpost Firewall.


And thanks for this great giveaway!


Level 3
My favorite Security Software is Vipre Antivirus.
Thank you so much.


Level 2
Which is your Favourite Security Software?


Level 5
My favourite is sanboxie, so I would like to win it. ;)

Thanks for the opportunity!
Thanks spirit!


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Thanks for this great giveaway!

My favorite is Norton Internet Security
In my Opinion The best security software is avast free antivirus (free and secure) using since 4 years
shared about this here
count me in for sandboxie license. thanks n regards


Level 1
1. My favorite security software is Eset Smart Security 6


Thanks for the nice Giveaway


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My favorite security setup is Avast 8 Free, Zemana Antilogger Free and Comodo Firewall with Defense+ :). Great giveaway!
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