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Aug 17, 2017
A change coming with Android 14 will impose restrictions on the apps that smartphone users can install on their devices, even if they’re sideloading software rather than installing it through the Play Store. Google’s change should help stop the spread of malware that takes advantage of exploits found in older builds of its Android OS, though if you’re a frequent sideloader it may make it a little harder to use non-Play Store apps.
The yearly release of the latest Android version – or the latest iOS build from Apple, or Windows OS from Microsoft – doesn’t just bring new features for the best Android smartphones to take advantage of. They also include new hidden security tools that make it tough for hackers to break into your device. Eventually, hackers will find a way through the protections, but by that point, Google will have hopefully moved well beyond even Android 14 to a version of its OS that is still uncracked.


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Jan 21, 2018
So Android is basically iOS light now. Why bother with Android if the one thing that sets it apart is taken away? May as well buy an iPhone.

If Apple are forced to introduce 3rd party Appstore's or sideloading apps by regulators, then Android is going to be in trouble.
The Play Store has long been a source of apps with malware etc. So, I get that moves were necessary to tighten up on this, but it seems so, so late in the day to me. Which may well be why its going to resemble how iOS is managed by Apple now. F-droid may not be perfect but it met a demand in the market for tighter control on available apps, why could Google not do something similar some years ago? Why wait until now?

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Dec 2, 2016
why could Google not do something similar some years ago? Why wait until now?
Because the mainstream media didn't really care about the issue. Only people in the infosec/cyber security field cared but now it's grown into a bigger issue.
You could argue that Google treats Android like a platform for its services/apps. If trust in your service goes down, then so does your userbase. It's about trust and brand image in the end, if people think Apple is more secure and privacy friendly then that will mean more sales to Apple.
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