Anonymous #OpIsrael Participants Targeted with RATs by Unknown Threat Actor


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Jul 22, 2014
Anonymous members who wanted to participate in this year's annual #OpIsrael cyber-attacks were the targets of an intelligence gathering operation carried out by an unknown threat actor.

#OpIsrael is an annual campaign of the Anonymous hacker collective that takes place on April 7. The date was chosen in 2013, the first year when #OpIsrael took place.

Initially, the attackers wanted to attack Israel ahead of the local Holocaust Remembrance Day, which that year fell on April 8. Because Israel's National Holocaust Remembrance Day falls on a different day each year, between April 7 & May 7, attacks in subsequent years stuck to the April 7 date.

During this day each year, several Muslim-dominant Anonymous factions launch attacks against Israeli targets, such as defacements, DDoS attacks, or data leaks.

In most cases, these have been attacks against small targets, and rarely have hackers targeted government agencies. Most of the time, security experts called #OpIsrael a nuisance, rather than a threat, but the hatred between Israel and nearby Muslim countries ensured the campaign took place year after year, no matter how lame some of the attacks were.

Links spreading RATs found on Twitter


A VirusTotal scan of the app reveals its malicious payload, a Remote Access Trojan that was packed inside the app and which allows attackers to access the hacktivist's camera, SMS messages, microphone, browser, call logs, and physical location via GPS.

Similarly, the same Twitter account also tweeted download links to a similar tool for Windows users.



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Jul 3, 2015
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So, the participants in this annual hate campaign just got a little taste of their own medicine. How sad...
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