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Hello, everyone!
Does anyone heard about this little program "Anti DDoS Guardian" and if there is someone that test it let me know!
Program website : Anti DDoS Software for 64 | 32 bits Windows Servers Free Downloads!
Some info from the website:
  • Stop SYN flood, TCP flood, UDP flood, ICMP flood, bandwidth attacks

  • Stop Slow HTTP Get&Post attacks

  • Protect Windows Remote Desktop Connection from password brute force attacks

    • Network flow and TCP connection management. Anti DDoS Guardian limits network flow number, client bandwidth, client concurrent TCP connection number and TCP connection rate.

    • TCP half-open connection control.

    • UDP flow control. Anti DDoS Guardian limits UDP bandwidth, UDP connection rate and UDP packet rate.

    • Block country IP addresses

    • Block certain IP addresses or ranges of addresses.

    • Firewall protection. The firewall rules are based on remote IP addresses, ports, protocols, and other TCP/IP factors.

    • IP black list and white list. Anti DDoS Guardian controls users' access to the Internet within particular areas by setting black list or white list.

    • Support various of IP list formats, such as Apache's .htaccess.

    • IP list automatic updating.

    • Exceptional rules.

    • Real-Time network activities monitoring. Anti DDoS Guardian monitors each incoming and outgoing packet in Real-Time. It displays local address, remote address, and other information of each network flow.

    • Looking up IP addresses. Anti DDoS Guardian looks up the remote IP addresses and ownership information.

    • Log files. Anti DDoS Guardian records each blocked and allowed IP address.

    • Run Anti DDoS Guardian as a Windows service


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Just use a netgear router ;)
I use My tp link for normal task/daily and netgear for protection ( for malware test also )
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I think home users don't need anti-DDOS! it's like u get a hardware firewall for ur pc! i think for ddos atack that guy need atleast 100 pc
no one will target my pc in this way


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Only good if you have a server worth protecting which I think most of us do not.
If you are thinking of protecting your own system a normal firewall such as windows firewall would do just fine. If your server has a web address you are afraid that would be a target in an attack you can add cloudflare's free protection on it as a precaution.

Back to my point, I think it would only matter if you think your server might be a target for an attack, nobody is going to go around DDoSing random severs for no apparent reason and wasting their bandwidth.

If you have a corporate server I suggest hiring someone with more expertise to take care of guarding your servers. :p
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It somewhat works but for security you would be still better off with
a Router with custom firmware like tomato or Merlin or dd-wrt,
DDoS protecting a pc is not much good, if the DDoS can kill the Router.

the above firmware offers DDoS protection and some offer Ad blocking and VPN ,DNS ect
Anti DDoS Guardian can do some of the above but not all,,
So you are better off with Router with custom firmware.............
home users don't need anti-DDOS
nobody is going to go around DDoSing random severs for no apparent reason and wasting their bandwidth.

At $100, it's not free or cheap.

Mr.NoName buy a good Router that u can install firmware on Job done ...........

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