How-to Guide Anti-Virus & Malware = Myths and Facts

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    in fact you have 48 known malwares but they all need root access so you will be prompted (normally) so if you are not dumb, you should not be infected.
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    Nov 26, 2014
    I would agree with you that running two main anti-virus applications is asking for trouble. I tried it many years ago and my system crashed, it became unusable. I had to reformat and install the OS again.

    As for the quality of free anti-virus and other security applications; I have been using the free edition of Avast Anti-virus with ZoneAlarm free firewall, SUPERAntiSpyware free edition, Zemana AntiLogger free edition and Malwarebyte Anti-Exploit free edition for a year now, and my PC is malware free. I also use Hitman once every month. I am very pleased with the protection that Avast and ZoneAlarm offer.
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    That really is , in a nutshell, the greater part of my problems today:
    Because of the limitations of this computer, I am unable to run ..this..with ..that..due to slowing the machine, lack of knowledge as to how to configure a protection program... such as using Emsisoft AV to behavior monitor, and not run constantly, where it would conflict with McAfee on here....

    I look carefully at suggestions put up on MT: who put them up, on what computer configuration, works with ...? what else, or doesn't work with...?, and more: Do I want to use that advice or suggestion or not? I may not. Sometimes I just realize I still lack the ability still to use some parts of a program, and not all of it.

    I do wish that there was an area of MT similar to Malware Removal, where my computer could be worked with and configured, not because it is infected, so it (hopefully) WON'T be infected!! Right now, I am choosing as carefully as possible, to not crash this system, and doing trial and error downloads and removals if it doesn't work well (with this computer)- or with my ability to utilize the program. I would be MORE than tickled to pay for such help, but then, look at all the learning I might miss!:D, as well as learning to be responsible for my own mess!:confused:
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    Reading POST 1 of them text walls. Will read 'em all.
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    Very insightful post (gonna read the one from Umbra you mentioned as well).

    Especially the part about running multiple Anti Virus Programs simultaneously was new to me. I always went along the thought of "The more the better". Guess I'll have to keep that in mind from now on.

    Thanks a lot for the interesting post!

  6. tina whittington

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    sorry I am a complete technophobe I cant even work out how to post a comment. I just wanted to say thanks very much for the info I don't know anything about different antivirus products and both my laptops have run out so ive been looking for free ones because im skint as hell at mo, I realised when I tried to install one that they want access to everything and can pass info on but its all very confusing especially when you have a brain like mine which switches to sleep mode when im needing it to learn this stuff. thanks for all your advise and for writing it in a manner even I can understand, tinax
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    Very good read! Thank you for your effort. It's appreciated!
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    I've just bookmark this page. What a great tips here. :D
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    san jose
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    Wow, very nice post!!! I was looking exactly for this!
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    totaly agree with you ,
    thanks man
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    i read post 1.. watch this post to read them all later
    its interesting post, thank you for sharing :)
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    Which free AV are you talking about? Most popular free AV's have just as much as protection as paid and sometimes even better.Like someone is going to hack me if i don't run some other firewall except windows and spy on my family pics ;)

    I am sure malware writers have better things to do.Big example here: Comodo IS,Avast!
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  15. ravi prakash saini

    Apr 22, 2015
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    you are right malware writers have better things to do what if they decide to do those better things through your system
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    1/3 made me reply....First off I would ask you to kindly tune it down fellow indian.

    You just missed the entire point the malware writers won't bother to hack a normal joe user they aren't the NSA or CIA.Of course if you are in a IT enviroment it works differently because then you maybe the target.

    Speaking about doing it through a normal joe's system they need to get past all the other protection modules in win8 and ahead assuming you use the latest windows as most users do.They can't run bitcoin miners and other stuff unless the user and the security programs allow them to.But again if you have a up-to date system clears off any rare chances of this happening^^^

    I don't understand the myths with free av programs especially with indians who keep thinking free is not as good as paid.

    You want to hack my system and spy on me.Goodluck I have nothing so precious on it!
  17. ravi prakash saini

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    Zombie (computer science) - Wikipedia
  18. Orion

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    So you are completely taking the words off wiki? Why am I not impressed? In order for the hacker to gain access to the system there is has to be some malicious program on your system for the attacker to continue infecting other systems.

    Same with wannacry and how it initially started,once a computer is infected with the malware possibly from mail attachments it auto infects other systems.Its literally not profitable for regular malware writers to infect or spy on regular user's computers.There was a time when rootkits used to get bank account details but that time is gone.Also consider other situations with win8.1 or 10.

    Also did I mention I am indian too and I have spent time into infosec since my teens.
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    man! this is a nice guide. keep it up, man! everybody should read this guide. its awesome!
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    Everything about malware
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    Also to add malware writers do target home users too atleast the regular malware does but when it comes to bigger outbreaks home users are barely the target.

    Malware writers know spying won't get them anything so they steal and lock files to get money out.Do people really think that wannacry writers were dumb enough not to download the entire eternalblue package and start spying on the SMB's.Thats not how it works! They used SMB vulnerability to auto infect other systems on the same network.

    They could have just done it from eternalblue package without spreading via mails initially but then the Agencies could track them so that's why I guess they didn't go that way.
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