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It is most probably redundant if you use it alongside a decent AV on a modern system.
I could see a use for it on a very old and weak PC because it is very lightweight without the Clam AV engine (cloud only mode).
Or to be used alongside a default-deny solution on a hardened system, again because it is lightweight if that is what you are after.


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I really don't think Immunet has anything to add to Windows Defender, especially on a Windows 10 machine.
Better supplements would be OSArmor, Syshardener, Hard Configurator or Voodooshield.
Agreed. Adding multiple "real-time signature scanners" for protection is pointless.

The best way to go is by Hardening/Locking down Windows OS and adding a backup/recovery.


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so it detecs treaths but does nothing? Like just informing you that you gonna be infected?
He means that although it detect the threats can't quickly just stop the damage, lacks a good preventing mechanism.We saw that with Zemana,although as a second opinion scanner can find anything but as a real time protector it is kind weak.Having only good signatures isn't just enough (Eset?:))