Level 4
List of current issues
constant non-stop disk reading
Steps taken, but have been unsuccessful?
disabled Macrium changed block traker, I dont do differential/incremental images. Removed dust from PC.
The problem is here again, I had opened the PC and removed the dust, I thought it could be caused by over-heating ram that caused my PC to use virtual memory (disk) to compensate. But it is not the case. Recetly I noticed how PowerChute (UPS software) is reading/writing a crazy amount of data, and I have no idea why it is even doing so.

I also noticed Emsisoft is writing so much data, it is not a backup service so again I have no idea what is going on, I'll try to contact the support about this.

Finally, also the system is writing a big amount of data, I was thinking it was downloading Windows 10 1903 but if I manually check it is not yet available. The one below is taken from Comodo KillSwitch, in yellow the mentioned read/writes. Consider that this is ahalf-day only reading and I have no downloaded or created so much data.