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Traditional anti-virus/spyware attempts to identify viruses and other malware based on its digital signature. This approach is rapidly losing its effectiveness. It is getting worse each year because it hopelessly attempts to characterize the things we let into our computers as either good or bad. AppGuard is far more practical. Instead, it blocks harmful actions when these things turn out to be bad.

For example, when Adobe Reader opens a tainted PDF, AppGuard prevents Adobe Reader from being used to work for the cyber criminals. Also, AppGuard either prevents any malicious executables that Adobe Reader downloads from either launching at all or by letting it launch but blocking harmful actions. For other attack vectors, AppGuard restricts what applications, software installations, and scripts may execute, and if they do launch, what they can and cannot do.

Other security products have sought to do the same as AppGuard. However, they lack our patented technology that makes this approach simple and practical for all computer users.

Exceptional Protection - Made to be Simple

Most advanced anti-malware security software for zero-day, re-crafted, and targeted malicious code attacks require their users to become security experts. AppGuard was designed to minimize such dependencies. For example, if something potentially bad should happen, AppGuard does not present a prompt box asking the user if it should be allowed. Only security experts should make such decisions.

AppGuard is for people that realize their traditional or legacy antivirus is only effective for traditional cyber attacks (i.e., old malware). Adding AppGuard protects you even when no virus signature/definition exists because AppGuard does not use signatures to protect you.
  • Surf, Search, Shop, and Bank Online Safely
  • Harmlessly Open Email Attachments and Internet downloads
  • Play videos and games without Fear
  • Use Facebook and other Social Media free of Malware Infestations
  • Insert USB Thumb drives without concern of infection
  • Run Out-of-Date Software Applications Despite Vulnerabilities
  • Know that Your Family Photos and other valuable content are safe

AppGuard 3.0.13 (30-day trial) Windows XP/Vista/7 32/64bit


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New version AppGuard 3.1 (BETA):

What's New:

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