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The 2020 iPhone lineup could include an upgraded version of the original iPhone 8, according to a new report.

China-based Economic Daily News reveals that Apple wants to give the iPhone an under-the-hood upgrade and re-launch the device in global markets next year in order to tackle the mid-range smartphone market.

As a result, Apple also wants to make this second-edition iPhone 8 more affordable, with the cited source indicating a target price of approximately $649.

The original iPhone 8 was launched in 2017 alongside the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X, and it’s still available for purchase worldwide. There are no plans for a revised iPhone 8 Plus, it seems.

However, if this plan indeed gets the green light, the current version of the iPhone could be retired, while the new model would be positioned as a more affordable alternative to the upgraded iPhone XS and XR.

Same design, same dimensions
The source claims the 2020 iPhone 8 would still feature a 4.7-inch LCD screen with the same dimensions as the current model. It will however boast an Apple A13 processor, an upgraded camera (a single lens, not a dual-lens configuration), plus 128GB storage. A new PCB design will also be used.

Pegatron is very likely to be in charge of manufacturing the new iPhone 8, and it looks like Apple wants to build approximately 20 million units in the first year, though these numbers could be adjusted as we get closer to the estimated launch date.

Most likely, the new iPhone 8 would be primarily aimed at markets where the new-generation iPhones fail to meet the expected figures due to their premium price. Older iPhones, including here the iPhone 8, continue to sell like hotcakes in countries like China, so with this new model, Apple wants to benefit from this strong demand while also giving owners of older iPhones another reason to upgrade.

Keep in mind that right now we’re still in the rumor stage, so a certain amount of skepticism is recommended at this point.


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>mid-range market
> 649$
I can already buy a S9 for less than that...
It's hardly comparable;
- S9 is powered by Android
- S9 is 2018's Premium Flagship (not mid-range)
- S9 depreciate faster than iPhones

This is about iPhone (classic design) vs iPhone (new design). Many Apple users still rely on Touch ID (Fingerprint), and may prefer it over Face ID when it comes time to upgrade their existing iPhone.
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I have to agree with @Spawn This can't be compared to an S9 or any other Android phone. We can like it or dislike it but the fact is iPhone's hold their value much better than any other smartphone. And the new iPhone 8 won't be trying to steal Android users. This is just Apple looking after the people that are comfortable with the traditional design and keeping their custom. I read somewhere that the iPhone 6 is going to become the new iPhone SE too. I don't know how true that is but it would make a lot of sense.


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Thanks to other competitions that they are finally landing back to earth. I'd like to have one if they launch a cheaper model " )