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Mar 22, 2014
so..mine MacBook died (13 2010 pro - c2d 2,4 + 8gb ram + 128 SSD custom upgrade)
need something new
so.. I am choosing between:
MacBook (2017 -1,3 M ((Y)) now funny called i5) with 8gb ram+512 SSD
MacBook Pro 13 2017 with touch bar /8gb ram/512 SSD with iPad
for almost same price i can have mac 27 2017 (user replaceable 8GB RAM) with 1TB fusion ((27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display))
I know that best power/price is imac..but sometimes I need to take the machine with me
that's why I implemented iPad Pro into this selection too

what I like/dislike
MacBook : +fanless; - 1x USBc without Thunderbolt
MacBook Pro: +power + more USB c + applied (its only about user laziness), but I think I want the power of that CPU/- touch bar
iMac - + 27 with quad CPU/- fusion disk, at GPU, need to sit on desk (but I can present the data with the iPad pro.. and ofc - is AllinOne)

maybe there is the solution "go with ms surface pro 5" but I don't like what Windows 10 do (changes under your hands)
I am not artist, I want only use pencil for some normal drawings, editing documents and notes)

so.. I know its hard decision for me... but I like to know your opinion - maybe I need only another point of view on this "problem"
thx for your time, reading and answers - even negative ones
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May 13, 2017
I'd say if you are also planning on getting an iPad Pro, just do iMac and iPad Pro if you can afford it. I got a MBP 2016 but ended up just using it like an iMac / Mac Mini / Mac Pro plugged into a display with the lid closed. The iPad would be what you take places to do work and the iMac for home
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