Apple's M1-Based MacBook Air Benchmarked


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Feb 4, 2016
When Apple announced that they are going to switch their Mac lineup from Intel-based x86 processors to the custom "Apple Silicon," everyone was wondering how the new processors will look and perform. To everyone's luck, Apple has just a few days ago announced its first Apple Silicon custom processor for MacBook.
The M1, as the company calls it, is their first processor designed for higher-power and performance tasks The M1 features eight CPU cores (four high-performance and four-high efficiency) paired with eight cores dedicated to the graphics. On the die, there is also a 16-core neural engine made to accelerate machine learning tasks found in the new applications.


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Jan 8, 2011


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Jul 25, 2020
If Apple comes out with a 14 inch version, and after a year or two of working out the new software-ARM kinks, it just might be a compelling buy - especially if you're into the iPhone-Mac system combo.

As soon as you buy one, then Microsoft will release its own ARM chips and put them into their high end systems, but I don't see Microsoft really competing with Apple in gaining any market share. In all likelihood, if you buy an MS system, within 5 years Microsoft will stop manufacturing them for lack of sales - just like with the Windows Phone. Once that happens, the Microsoft ARM systems will turn to crap as they'll be abandoned by the software developers - just like what happened with Windows Phone.


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May 19, 2016
Where can I find a comparison between Macbook Pro "M1" and Macbook Air "M1" , and which is the best ?
Another important question is to know if these security vulnerabilities have already been fixed ? Security Alert - Tencent finds security vulnerabilities in Apple M1 chip devices and iPhone 12 Pro | MalwareTips Community
I'm sorry to insist but I still haven't been able to find the differences between Macbook Pro "M1" and Macbook Air "M1" ?
and also no answer to my second question "if these security vulnerabilities have already been fixed ? Security Alert - Tencent finds security vulnerabilities in Apple M1 chip devices and iPhone 12 Pro | MalwareTips Community" ?
Thanks for your help


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Sep 23, 2019
I would give these two articles a read:
From 9to5mac:
If you value longer battery life, active cooling for extended heavy workloads, a slightly brighter screen, and/or like the Touch Bar, the MacBook Pro is the way to go and offers a lot of value starting at $1,299. If those things aren’t important to you, the MacBook Air is the choice starting at a really reasonable $999 for everything you’re getting.

From The Verge:
The fan is the most notable difference between Apple’s two new laptops based on its own custom M1 chip: the new Air, which does not have a fan, has to throttle performance as temperatures rise. The Pro can just turn on the fan, which means it can sustain performance for a much longer period of time.

Sure, there are some other small differences: the Pro has a slightly better display and better mics and louder speakers. It has a bigger battery and thus, slightly longer battery life. And yes, it has the hopelessly confused Touch Bar instead of a function row on the keyboard. But in terms of performance, it is essentially the same as the Air unless you push it for long periods of time. And that all comes down to the fan.

I would go for the Air. RAM and SSD are not user upgradeable so choose your specs according to your needs when you purchase.