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Nov 28, 2016
Hello, I would like to know if all these components are compatible. And if everything goes into the cabinet. Thank you very much in advance. Greetings.

Source Pc Evga 700w Reales Bronze 80 Plus
Monitor Hdc 28 4k Ultra Hd 3.5ms + Cable Disp Port
Video Card Ati Radeon Xfx Rx 580 8gb Gddr5 Shipping
Memory Ram Ddr4 32gb Corsair Vengeance Led 2x16gb 3000mhz
Mother Msi Z270 Gaming M5 7g Rgb Sli S / pdif Usb3.1 S1151
Pc Cooler Master Cosmos Case Se Black Full Tower Gamer
Micro Processor Intel Core I7 7700 Kabylake 7th Gen
Cpu Fan Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo Free Shipping
Ssd Samsung 850 Evo 500gb
Rigid bait 3tb Blue Wd Western Digital 64mb Sata 3


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Nov 19, 2014
Can't comment on the power supply because i don't understand which model it is. What are you going to do with the pc because if you are going to game a 4k monitor with a 580 will have terrible fps.
Other than that i hope you don't plan on overclocking the cpu because the 212 evo will not be able to do that well.


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Feb 24, 2017
the PSU is good ,although Bronze is not the best, i would rather get a Silver or Gold.

good comp, imo that 580 is gonna be weak next to that 7700k.
get a 1070 rather
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Mar 2, 2017
I see two drives and one expansion card listed. NO WAY you need a monstrous full tower case. I recommend a nice Fractal Design R4 or R5 mid tower. They will easily support that ATX motherboard and many drives and cards with lots of room to spare - without weighing a ton or take up so much space.

Note the i7 7700 comes with an OEM cooler in the box as seen here. Contrary to what some may have told you or what many may believe, both AMD and Intel provide OEM coolers that are more than adequate at providing sufficient cooling, even with mild to moderate overclocking - in a properly cooled case and those Fractal Design cases provide outstanding cooling. OEM coolers today are not the quietest but are much quieter than OEM coolers of the past. But that does not matter in a quality case like those Fractal Designs, as their interiors are lined with excellent noise reduction materials.

I have the R4 Window and the only way I can tell if the fans are spinning is to look through the window or put my ear right up to the rear exhaust ports - and then it is by feeling the air blowing on my ear (that's a testimonial to how quiet the Fractal Design included fans are).

So you can save yourself some money by dropping that aftermarket cooler and maybe put that extra money towards a Samsung 850 Pro instead of the EVO. The EVOs are nice (I have one as my secondary drive in this machine) but the Pros are nicer. I use a Pro as my boot/primary drive. Note the Pros also come with a can't be beat 10 year warranty.

I also don't see an OS listed. Understand only full retail licenses can legally be transferred to a new computer. This means you cannot legally transfer an OEM/System Builders (the most common type) from an old computer to a new computer. It also means, for example, if you upgraded to W10 based on an older OEM W7 or W8.1 license, you cannot legally transfer the W10 license to the new computer - because the upgrade was based on the old OEM.

If you do need to buy a new W10 license, the good news is you will be able to transfer it the next new computer, and the next and so on.
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