BootSpeed Worth It?

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I know witch is free.

The thing is, is BootSpeed worth the resources?

Or should i just stay with Disk Defrag?

Would like to know so post please.


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Here you can find all of Auslogics BoostSpeed features.
As impressive as the list looks , I will remind you that this product comes with a price,$26 to be more specific ..Now is this worth ?
Having all the utilities in one place is nice but I for one wouldn't pay for it.Their are tons of free and very good utilities products which can be used for tweak and maintenance.
The free software have evolved in the last few years and some of them had become even better than the paid one.Windows 7 needs a very little degree of maintenance/tweaks in order to work as it's best.
I would suggest to use the $26 to buy more RAM or another hardware upgrade because in all this years I have never seen a big improvement after using any cleanup utilities.

Free software
Ccleaner -
Disk Defrag -
Process Hacker -
Ultimate Windows Tweaker -


I agree with Jack on this, have used the trial of this software, and was decent, but really see no sense in paying for this product, when the list of free programs Jack provided, do just as good of job!

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damn i click the wrong button on the poll :(

good product, all is under hand but not free...
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