Mahesh Sudula

Level 17
Good to see emsisoft and G data staying away from these tests.
No doubt on Trend micro fp's ..their hash based user prevalence technique is taking a toll on them ..same as F Secure in the past.
Symantec and TM will stay on the same (Fp) level if it would have participated.
Panda is out of my criteria anyway


Level 6
TotalDefense don't have their own antivirus engine. It's highly unlikely that Panda got so bad over the years. Also, no Vipre, Webroot, ZoneAlarm and QuickHeal?

Andy Ful

Level 58
Content Creator
Good to see WD with lower false positives. It used to have 100+ false positives in AV-Comparatives tests.
The test overestimates the false positives rate because the prevalence of samples was not taken into account. For example, Avast had 15 false positives and McAfee 9, but the false positives of Avast will be seen by a few thousands of users as compared to hundreds of thousands of users for McAfee.