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AV-Comparatives has an alliance with Innsbruck University, AV-Test with Magdenburg University so I trust they know how to perform statistical correct and valid tests. On top of that AV-Comparatives is ISO, TÜV and EICAR certified, so their processes and tests methodology are checked also. I think it is fair to assume they do a better job than youtube testers:D
Yeah man I am not saying dont look at the tests I am just saying dont be a sheep and follow your favorite AV test lab results ONLY

In the US, early 1950s-1960s or something, they used LEADED gasoline in their cars.
because automotive industry and fuel/oil industry giants got together with some actual doctor who then conducted sponsored tests and research for those industries and then claimed that LEADED gasoline was safe to use. Leaded gasoline also got rid of annoying engine knocking sounds. So its a win win for everyone.
....except the people who were dying that worked in those factories, or going crazy from lead poisoning, etc etc.
same doctor also claimed that lead is perfectly safe since its a naturally found element...they just shut down people who were showing evidence contrary to that claim...by flooding the media with claims of it being perfectly safe and normal to have elevated levels of lead in the air, food, water, etc...

thats why i am saying dont take everything at face value and believe it blindly :)

forgot to write that academic research may be conducted by authoritative professionals in the field, but it is also peer reviewed before publishing. That makes a lot of difference.
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you're grasping for something to make sense while using lowkey passive-aggresive insults
i bet you're one of those guys who pull out the "i have an IQ of 150" card in every argument they can't win.
You really talk about IQ? :D
What are you trying to prove?
Just posting some Data from AV-Comparatives; not my data.
However, some, here, have Really proved Themselves...
So, then why should emsisoft or microsoft or kaspersky or whatever
be "punished" for giving the user the choice of what to do?
Because, an AV is supposed to Protect the User;
not Passing the Responsibility to the User!

This is Security; it is Not Gambling:
-Should I Allow -OR- Block a P0p-Up?
-Is it a Threat -OR- a False Positive?

AV should pro-Actively Protect; especially, the Inexperienced users!

how do you know AV-Comparatives isn't unreliable and questionable?
Because, they have some "seals of approval" that look all official and stuff?
Do you want to play this kind of mind games?
By your "rationale", how do you know that AV-Comparatives is Unreliable and Questionable?
Because some Fanboys throw Mud at AV-Comparatives without ever proving a thing against it?
maybe he is a "fanboy" of AV-C
Remember THIS one? Out of "coincidence", Emsisoft FAILED, too.
I guess, this makes me a Virus Bulletin "Fanboy" according to your "logic"...:rolleyes:

What AV-Test or Qihoo 360-related articles have to do with
the specific
AV-Comparatives - Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software - Real World Protection Test Overview
and Emsisoft's Poor Performance? NOTHING!!!

Simply writing vague Generalities just to fill another Lengthy post full of

Makes one really wonder:

-Why some non-Emsisoft Users (at least, this is what they claim...:rolleyes:)
get so much upset when someone pinpoints Emsisoft's poor performance?

Imagine what would have happened IF these "non-Emsisoft" Users
had been *actual* Emsisoft Users...:rolleyes:
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It amazes me how an AVC test can start such a flame war.. relax guys, even the news from Associated Press or Reuters should be taken with a grain of salt. There is no "best"AV, only the one that works best for your specific setup and personal preference..