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Summary: There is software for the morning after

The test results disproved a statement frequently posted in forums, that all you can do is delete your Windows system if it becomes infected with malware.

Among the security suites, the solutions from Malwarebytes, Bitdefender and Kaspersky demonstrated the best performance among all the packages tested. All in all, however, the rest of the field still showed quite solid performance, even though a few active components were left behind.

Among the freeware clean-up tools, the Kaspersky Removal Tool is worth recommending. While the Norton tool, as well as Disinfect2013 from Heise, left behind quite a lot of data garbage, neither failed to detect a single active malware component.

In final analysis: In case an existing security suite ever fails, there are reliable rescue options for having a Windows system cleaned and repaired. The best part of all: in case of emergency, most of the tools can even be used free of Charge.

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Windows has the best removal tool ever, it is called "install disc" :p

And if you are still not sure, Dban is your friend ^^

More seriously, i saw lately that MBAM is quite often mentioned lately... i smell the marketing department behind that.


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Hmmm, note:
In case of emergency, to use: Kaspersky Removal Tool, Norton Power Eraser, Panda Cloud Cleaner, HitmanPro and F-Secure Removal Tool.
Thanks !