Level 63
Can a security suite completely clean up and repair a Windows system after an infection? In a sophisticated lab test throughout the year 2015, involving 4 test rounds, 7 products demonstrate their protection, clean-up and, above all, repair capabilities.

The test included the following products:
• AVG Internet Security 2015
• Avira Antivirus Pro 15.0
• Bitdefender Internet Security 2015
• ESET Smart Security 8
• G Data Internet Security 25.1
• Kaspersky Internet Security 2015
• Microsoft Security Essentials 4.8

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It is unreasonable to expect that security softs will be able to completely remove infections 100 % of the time - under all usage conditions.

Malware removal can be difficult.

The best removal method is manual - or - clean install your OS.


Level 19
Results can be variable with time - product component updates, OS component updates, additional security layer changes in the user config(eg-router), type of malware infection - new, old, it's diagnosis early/late, severity- high(rootkit) low(adware), additional tools used, and the malware entry point(user/exploit/browser etc), all can lead to so many possibilities in the real world, and add to that no software is perfect.A grain of salt for sure.


Level 61
Honestly removal techniques should be properly done by their own scanners cause AV may influence the components like real time protection and other stuffs at all.

Antivirus are meant to prevention not as curable at all in most of the time.