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May 25, 2014
Hi all,

I'm glad to announce new release candidate version: AVAST 2015 R2 Release Candidate 1 (build number 2015.10.2.2211)

RC 1 Contains these improvements:
- Performance optimalizations in webshield and file system shield. Now they work much better than ever.

- DNT in IE AOSP plugin will not crash anymore

- AswVmm.sys driver - internal NG improvements

- Fresh new design of the Chrome Online Security extension. Do not track detection enabled by default.

- Https scanning works in Opera browser 25+

Known issues:

- Please tell us about them

Beta 2 Contains these improvements:
- Performance fixes in stream filter
- IE AOSP plugin is more stable than ever
- NG now can be installed on x86 machines without VTx/AMDv
- BCU internal improvements

What's new in Beta 1:

- Improved Windows 10 Compatibility
- Changed setup flow for better license activation
- Avast NG – lot’s of performance and stability fixes
- AccessAnywhere function is removed and replaced with new remote connection feature available through Account screen in all editions
- Browser Cleanup integrated to Avast UI and added to Smart Scan
- GrimeFighter now supports UEFI
- Stability and performance improvements
- Changed version number to support minor versions - 2015.10.2.2209(previously 2015.10.0.2208)

How to install:

1. If you have installed some beta version before you can update it to this latest version via Settings->Update->Program.

2. Or you can download and install from here:

Avast cleaner:

It should be possible to install this version on top of your existing avast! installation (all settings should be preserved).

To report BSODs, crashes or any other none trivial problems please use new SupportPackage generating tool.

Instructions how to use it can be easily found:

We are looking forward for your feedback!

Thank you
Avast team



Level 26
May 25, 2014
I can really feel a significant performance improvement with this RC. But i think it will get even better in the final release version :)
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Nov 5, 2013
Thank you for the news! :) I'll be waiting eagerly for the stable release :)
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